“Inner Scene of Kabuki Theater” by kunisada

Year : 2000
Height : 55cm
Width : 87cm

この版画は安政6年6月に出版され、江戸歌舞伎の劇場内部の図としては最も代表的な構図である。当時の江戸の人々が芝居町や芝居小屋に集まり、一日がかりで劇場内で寛ぎ、真に歌舞伎を楽しむ状景が、当時の浮絵と称する線の遠近法により、見事に描かれている。 上演中の歌舞伎は「菅原伝授手習鑑」車引の段 時平大臣、梅王、松王、桜丸である。

Kabuki is, at present, one of the most popular and attractive entertainments to not only the Japanese but to forigners.People in Edo era (1600-1868) took pleaure in theatregong from early in the morning and staying there all day long.This picture, published in 1859, vividly makes a drawing of the innerscene of Kabuki theatre, where many people enjoyde theatrical performances very much.The playing Kabuki in this picture is famous “Sugawaradenju” which is often performed today.


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